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Hints for Implementing the Program

About Fluency

[This article was carried over from the previous issue because of interest in this subject.] Fluency is often a significant issue for struggling readers. Over

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Hot Topics in Reading

Some Things to Smile About

A Happy Story

We recently visited an excellent special education teacher we know in a Las Vegas elementary school, and heard a wonderful story. This teacher is experienced

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Humor From a Large Child

A linguistics professor was lecturing his class: “In English a double negative forms a positive. In some languages, though, such as Russian, a double negative

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Our New Favorite Saying

A good friend of ours and an excellent practitioner of the Stevenson Program, Cheryl Davila, created the following statement for the close of her e-mails:  “If a child

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All Topics of Interest

No Price Increases

Our prices will remain the same for another year.  If you want to view a current order form, click here. Please note that prices in 2017 will definitely increase.

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Online Resources {Video}

We have created some valuable online resources for teachers currently using Stevenson. They can be helpful for either remote or conventional instruction, and we have created a simple video describing

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