Stevenson Learning Skills


Hints for Implementing the Program

About Fluency

[This article was carried over from the previous issue because of interest in this subject.] Fluency is often a significant issue for struggling readers. Over

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Hot Topics in Reading

Some Things to Smile About

A Happy Story

We recently visited an excellent special education teacher we know in a Las Vegas elementary school, and heard a wonderful story. This teacher is experienced

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Humor From a Large Child

A linguistics professor was lecturing his class: “In English a double negative forms a positive. In some languages, though, such as Russian, a double negative

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Our New Favorite Saying

A good friend of ours and an excellent practitioner of the Stevenson Program, Cheryl Davila, created the following statement for the close of her e-mails:  “If a child

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All Topics of Interest

Dallas Ft. Worth Area

Senior Trainer Nancy Ziehme has been giving workshops at the Region 10 ESC for several years, and we regularly receive compliments about her presentations.  If you are not familiar with

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Dive In and Have Fun

If the Stevenson program is new to you, you are probably taking it in small doses to get used to it, particularly since it is early in the school year.

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