Stevenson Learning Skills

In the last month or so, most of the public schools in America have taken some time off for a spring break.  It usually comes at a good time for students and teachers alike, who all need to refresh themselves.  We hope our readers were refreshed at least a little bit, because we are aware how much effort goes into helping struggling students, and an occasional break helps out.

Of course, Spring means testing season in most public schools.  Even though we are a little skeptical of the over-reliance on standardized test scores, we appreciate the need for evaluation.  And this is a good time to look at the progress your students have, or have not, made.

  • Before you dive into the formal evaluations, we suggest you ask yourself just a few simple questions:
  • In the context of your students’ learning issues, are you satisfied with the reading progress they have made since this school year started?
  • If yes, good.  If no, have you considered using the Stevenson Program?
  • If you are already using the Stevenson Program, and you feel your students should be progressing more smoothly or more quickly, will you please call or email us?

We are confident we can help.  We are unable to put into the manuals every wrinkle that you might encounter when working with struggling readers.  However, between all of our consultants and contacts, we have a great deal of accumulated knowledge, and there is a good chance we can help.