Stevenson Learning Skills

Spring and hope go well together, as many writers have observed.  So it seems appropriate to say a few words that might help lift the spirits of educators out there working with struggling readers:  Whatever difficulties you or your students are experiencing, there is hope.

If you are NOT using the Stevenson Program to help your struggling readers, and they are not making progress, our methods have often succeeded when others have failed.  If you give us some idea about what your students are struggling with, and how serious their struggles are, we can give you suggestions.  We can almost always make things better.

If you ARE using Stevenson, and you are concerned about some of your students, we can help.  Perhaps you feel your group is not progressing fast enough, or you feel a particular student is stuck on a particular issue (e.g., fluency, blending, auditory processing, etc.).  Then please call or email us.  The books we distribute offer an important core of strategies and tasks, but they may not address every learning issue completely.  However, we are familiar with many adjustments or extensions that can help.

Do not hesitate to reach out:  800-343-1211 or