Stevenson Learning Skills

Other Programs

Other Programs

We have a few items that can be used along with Stevenson Reading, but which can also stand on their own. You may find the book below to be extremely helpful – and lots of fun!

Contraction Skills

This book teaches contractions in an imaginative new way. The same emphasis on learning by association is used in this book as in other materials we publish. The reading and spelling of contractions, which are often confusing to many students, are handled in a manner that is at once both concrete and creative. Students are shown in specific, mechanical ways how contractions are created. Then they use tactile/kinesthetic activities to produce contractions themselves. At the same time, images like the little man shown here engage students’ imaginations in ways that not only capture attention, but also enhance memory retrieval.

Stevenson’s Contraction Skills can be used by any student, whether or not they are using the other Stevenson material. If they are in the Stevenson Program, students are ready to begin this book after finishing Part Two of the Basic Blue Level. If not using the Stevenson Program, any student with a reading ability of second grade or higher can use the contraction book. The book includes teacher directives, several pages of worksheets and nine appendices that are reproducible for the students