Stevenson Learning Skills

Can Stevenson help students with learning problems?

Definitely. The program has frequently been able to help students who have not responded to other approaches, even other specialized methods.Click here for more info or contact us to request evidence of effectiveness.


What is the Stevenson Language Skills Program?
Stevenson is an alternative method for teaching reading, spelling and other basic language skills by using multiple strategies to help a wide variety of students.Click here for an overview.

What do you need to begin using Stevenson?

Most people can begin with just a set of books and some teaching cards. Manipulatives are optional. Training is available but not required. Call toll free for guidance or look at either of the following links for more detail:

 *Students in Grades K-5 |*Students in Grades 6-12

What makes Stevenson different from other reading programs?
The sequence is unique, but our unusual use of mnemonic clues to teach phonics is the one quality that seems to make the most difference for helping struggling readers.

Click here for more about our mnemonics.

Is the program research based?

Yes. We can send you more detailed information in print (but it is a large packet). If you need this material, e-mail us at:info@StevensonLearning.comand request the “Background Information Folder.”


Is the program expensive?
No. The materials are less expensive than equivalent methods and training is optional. Special sets of books start at under $80, and a teacher can start a small group of five for $150 to $250, depending on needs. Click here for a list of materials or contact us for help selecting materials or contact us for help selecting materials.