Stevenson Learning Skills

We recently posted a new, simple assessment tool that you can use with students who are following the Overlapping Strategy.  This strategy is an approach to starting the Stevenson Program.  It covers key information from the first level of the program and teaches it concurrently with the second level (thus “overlapping” the content of the two levels).  The Overlapping Strategy is usually used with struggling readers at the upper elementary or middle/high school level – students who don’t need to repeat letter level phonics, and who have at least a small amount of reading skill already.  The assessments are simply a few word lists used to help you determine which phonics elements are most problematic for the student.  Along with the lists and directions, you will find some suggestions for varying the pace and emphasis of your instruction as you move through the materials.  This new teaching tool can be found under the “Teaching Resources” section of this website (fourth item), or you can simply click here and print it.