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All students in the Stevenson Program start at the Beginning Level and move through the Basic Blue Level to the Intermediate. Teachers, however, can start the program at either the Beginning or Basic Blue levels. Depending on age and learning style, students will move through the first level at different rates and use different amounts of material.

See the Decision Tree for Selecting Materials, “Using the Stevenson Program in Grades K-5” (pdf files) or “Using the Stevenson Program in Grades 6-12” (pdf files) for specific suggestions about selecting materials for specific students.

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Overlapping Strategy Set

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These materials provide the core items for starting the Stevenson Program with students above the second grade level who have mastered consonant sounds and shapes and have some splinter reading skills. Other items are optional. See Using the Stevenson Program in Grades K-5 and or Using the Stevenson Program in Grades 6-12, or call 800-343-1211 for more guidance.

Contents: Overlapping Strategy Set

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Dr. Tom Diebold – “Understanding Reading Problems: Issues and Interventions with Rationales for the Stevenson Reading Program in a Series of Four Videos.” Each video is approximately one hour. Tom discusses a variety of problems that will cause students to struggle (or even fail) while learning to read. The videos emphasize decoding-based problems, such as dyslexia, and the multi-sensory phonics instruction required to address it, but Tom discusses a other reading-related issues as well.

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