All students in the Stevenson Program start at the Beginning Level and move through the Basic Blue Level to the Intermediate. Teachers, however, can start the program at either the Beginning or Basic Blue levels. Depending on age and learning style, students will move through the first level at different rates and use different amounts of material.

See “Using the Stevenson Program in Grades K-5” (pdf files) or “Using the Stevenson Program in Grades 6-12” (pdf files) for specific suggestions about selecting materials for specific students.

You may also wish to speak with a consultant, 1-744-233-0457.

10 Plays for the Stevenson Program – Teacher’s Manual

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This book contains material for teaching ten Reader’s Theater plays coordinated to the late Beginning and the early Basic Blue Levels of Stevenson. Useful teaching suggestions and reproducible worksheets accompany reduced versions of the actual plays.

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