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Essential Grammar

Essential Grammar

Don’t growl over grammar.

Try our new approach and both you and your students will be smiling! Do your students think that grammar class is torture? Can they tell a pronoun from a preposition, an indirect object from a direct object? Do they forget grammar rules as soon as they learn them? And even if they remember, can they apply them? Stevenson’s Essential Grammar is a different method which uses mnemonic clues to improve memory and draw on the strengths of the right side of the brain. We have used our years of experience solving the toughest educational problems to simplify the teaching of grammar. You no longer need to listen to half your class groan in confusion while the others groan in boredom. Everyone will enjoy the lessons and those who usually lag behind will shine.

Beginning Grammar Students

Students in grades 4 through 7 will gain a firm grasp of fundamentals. Most students will cover the material in one school year or less. Gifted older students will be able to finish it in a semester. Learning disabled students may need more than a year, but less than two, and they will succeed with mastery.


Many students in grades 7 through 12 have been taught basic grammar, but they either forgot it quickly or were unable to handle it. These students will succeed by spending approximately one year in.

Essential Grammar

Severely Learning Disabled pupils may require more time with the material.


Parts of Speech

Grammatical Structures and Functions

Sentence Analysis

Students learn to recognize, mark and manipulate the parts of speech, structures and functions listed above.