Stevenson Learning Skills

Middle-High School

LD or Impaired Students

These students will use essentially the same Overlapping Strategy as the older elementary students.  Students who might be severely dyslexic will undoubtedly have failed many times, and they may be frustrated.  The best cure for frustration is success, but these older students still need to start at a simple level to build a solid and reliable foundation.  They also need to be treated as adults.  Other older students, who are likely to be in Special Education classes, may have multiple handicaps.  You will need to start with the Overlapping Strategy, and call us if additional adjustments are necessary.

Overlapping Strategy Teacher’s Manual

Overlapping Strategy Student Book


Basic Blue Core Manual

Basic Blue Level Teaching Cards

Basic Blue Reading Book One

Basic Blue Reading Book Two

Basic Blue Reading Book Three

Basic Blue Workbook A

Basic Blue Workbook B

Basic Blue Workbook C

Basic Blue Spelling Manual


Basic Blue Mastery Management Test Manual (optional)

Basic Blue Mastery Management Test  Booklet (optional)

Ten Plays for The Stevenson Program Teacher’s Manual (optional)

Ten Plays for the Stevenson Program Student Book (optional)

PAL Materials (optional)

            Stamp Set

Basic Level Definition Chanting 

            Letter Name Tags


Intermediate Level Part One Teacher’s Manual

Intermediate Level Part One Student Book

Intermediate Level Part One Workbook

Frostings, Doilies, and More Teacher’s Manual

Frostings, Doilies, and More Student Book


PAL Materials (optional)           

            Peach Level Definition Chanting


Google Web Page for other supplements (free)