Stevenson Learning Skills

Beginning Typical Learners

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You will have the option of starting with Stevenson’s Letter’s Manual in Kindergarten, or the Beginning Green Manual in First Grade.  If you start in Kindergarten, the early lessons of the Beginning Green Manual in first grade will be review.  If you begin in First Grade, you may want to use some of the Stevenson’s Letters to supplement, but most typical learners will not need the extra practice.  After students finish all levels, they should be able to attack middle school materials.  

Kindergarten Materials:

Stevenson’s Letters Teacher’s Manual – STL 101; (use the Optional Lessons)   

Beginning Level Teaching Cards – BGN TC

Stevenson’s Letter Clue Workbook

Grade One Materials:

Beginning Green Teacher’s Manual

Beginning Level Teaching Cards

Beginning Green Reading Book One

Beginning Green Reading Book Two

Beginning Green Workbook A

Beginning Green Workbook B

The Lonely Vowels Teacher’s Manual

The Lonely Vowels Reading Book

The Lonely Vowels Workbook 

Supplementary Reader Set (optional)

Beginning Level Mastery/Management

Test Manual (optional)

Beginning Level Mastery/Management Test Booklet (optional)

Stevenson’s Letters Printing Workbook (optional)

PAL Materials (optional)

            Stamp Set

            Activity Center

            Playing Cards

            Letter Clue Wall Strip

            Keyboarding Center

            Beginning Level Definition Chanting

Beginning Level Spelling Manual (optional)

Anything from Stevenson’s Letters for extra practice or one-on-one support (optional)

Google Web Page for other supplements (optional – free)

Grade Two Materials:

Basic Blue Core Manual

Basic Blue Level Teaching Cards

Basic Blue Reading Book One

Basic Blue Reading Book Two

            Basic Blue Reading Book Three

Basic Blue Workbook A

Basic Blue Workbook B

Basic Blue Workbook C

Basic Blue Spelling Manual

Basic Blue Mastery Management Test Manual (optional)

Basic Blue Mastery Management Test  Booklet (optional)

Ten Plays for The Stevenson Program Teacher’s Manual (optional)

Ten Plays for the Stevenson Program Student Book (optional)

PAL Materials (optional)

                        Stamp Set

Basic Level Definition Chanting 

                        Letter Name Tags

Google Web Page for other supplements (free)

Grade Three and above materials:

Intermediate Level Part One Teacher’s Manual

Intermediate Level Part One Student Book

Intermediate Level Part One Workbook

Frostings, Doilies, and More Teacher’s Manual

Frostings, Doilies, and More Student Book

PAL Materials

            Peach Level Definition Chanting (optional)

Google Web Page for other supplements (free)