Stevenson Learning Skills

In the Spring of 2013, we wrote an article about some of the teaching issues that arise when struggling readers encounter the Common Core Standards.  Of course, we are not the only ones to have concerns in this area, and this topic is undoubtedly going to be an ongoing subject of discussion.  Education Week recently published a multi-part report entitled,  “Diverse Learners and the Common Core.”  You might be interested in the whole report, but we particularly liked the piece called “Common Core’s Promise Collides with IEP Realities.”  In the article many educators seemed worried about cognitively impaired pupils in particular.  However, some degree of conflict exists between the standards and the needs of any atypical learner.  Consider dyslexic students, children with ADHD and pupils with auditory processing issues.  They all require some amount of special instruction.  We are not suggesting that high standards be abandoned, only that the standard bearers need to consider the needs of all learners.  If you would like to check out the Education Week article, click here.