Stevenson Learning Skills

Starting Stevenson? Don’t Forget the oa Friends Online Y

You are starting a new school year, and many of you will be starting new students in the Stevenson Program. Some of you will be using the program for the first time. Do not forget to make use of the free animated online student activity on our web site. It is called “The oa Friends […]

A Suggestion for Helping Teachers Help Students

In 1983 the National Commission on Excellence in Education declared America a “Nation At Risk.” We still are. The country has had almost a decade of “No Child Left Behind”, but a large segment of our school population is still being left behind. Now we have the “Race to the Top,” but too many kids […]

Solutions to Tough Reading Problems

Although many teachers use the Stevenson Reading Program simply because it is an effective and enjoyable way for beginning students to learn, many others have come to the program because their students simply could not learn to read by other methods.  We are happy to take on students with tough problems, and the Stevenson teacher’s […]

About Fluency

[This article was carried over from the previous issue because of interest in this subject.] Fluency is often a significant issue for struggling readers. Over the years there have been a variety of viewpoints on when and how to address this issue, so we thought we would share our perspective. You may have already encountered […]

Struggling Readers and Multisyllable Words

In phonics instruction, students progress from combining a few letters into a few words to combining more letters into more words. Along the way a simple, but very challenging thing happens. Groups of letters that make up one-syllable words are joined by groups of letters that have two or more syllables. While this change can […]

Dive In and Have Fun

If the Stevenson program is new to you, you are probably taking it in small doses to get used to it, particularly since it is early in the school year. While this is a normal human reaction, we encourage you to dive in. We are always here to help (800-343-1211), and your struggling readers definitely […]

Free Support Always Available

A new school year is well underway, and if you work with struggling readers, there are bound to be new challenges. Perhaps you have different students than you expected, new records to keep, or a new schedule. If any of your problems involve implementing the Stevenson Reading Program in one way or another, do not […]

How Are Your Students Enjoying Their Frosting? Sometimes Review Can Enhance the Taste.

can be tricky.  If your students find this transition very difficult, one strategy you can employ is to review lessons shortly after you have moved on.  For example, you could cover Lesson 15 and 16, then review Lesson 15 thoroughly before you begin Lesson 17.  Then you can review Lesson 16 before moving to 18. After Lesson 20, before […]