Stevenson Learning Skills

Readbability Levels and Other Numbers

When you are trying to evaluate students, numbers help. You need some objective ways to measure progress. You can’t run a class-room, a school or a school system on feelings and opinions. But numbers can also be misleading. Here are a couple of examples: Readability Measures If you go to Intervention Central and type a […]

Assessing the Situation – Again

Recent Article from Spring 2010 – Installment 1: Hints about Assessing Student Progress in the Stevenson Program If you Google the phrase “reading assessment,” you receive more than 43 million results. “Reading Test” produces about 105 million. (In contrast, “math assessment” yields about 12 million.) Unless you have been teaching in the jungles of New […]

More Stevenson-Specific Assessment Tools for Beginning Green Level

We recently posted a large group DIBELS-like assessments that use Stevenson stories.  They were created through the Intervention Central Website.  We are grateful to Sally Kovar from the NW Ohio Educational Service Center for producing these tools from Intervention Central and then turning them into pdf files to share with all of us.  We have mentioned […]

New Assessment Tool for Overlapping Strategy Now On Web Site

We recently posted a new, simple assessment tool that you can use with students who are following the Overlapping Strategy.  This strategy is an approach to starting the Stevenson Program.  It covers key information from the first level of the program and teaches it concurrently with the second level (thus “overlapping” the content of the two levels).  The Overlapping Strategy […]