Stevenson Learning Skills

Big Sale

It’s a Big Deal.

Spring Sale!

Starting April 1, 2023.

Save 60% on Stevenson’s Letters, Stevenson’s Cursive Writing, Stevenson’s Essential Grammar and Stevenson’s Contraction Skills.

This is not April Fools!


Before 4/1/2023

After 4/1/23



















But Only While They Last!

These books will be on sale until they run out – it could be May, it could be December. Once the inventory of student books runs out, they will be brought back only as pdf files and sold only on-line in 2024. We will continue selling the manuals as physical books, but they will return to full price in 2024.

Big Changes Coming (gradually)

This sale is part of some major changes underway at Stevenson Learning Skills. We are re-evaluating the format of our materials to provide teachers with more options. We strongly support using paper rather than screens and pencils rather than keyboards, but the fact remains that we can produce a more flexible product with technology and physical books combined. Stay tuned for more details on our plans for the next few years.