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Frequently Asked Questions

No. Most teachers using the program probably have had some degree of training, but many have not. Training never hurts, but the importance of training depends largely on the particular situation. In general, beginning students and young dyslexic or remedial students are easier for a teacher who is new to the program, whereas more severely learning disabled pupils and older students are more difficult for such a teacher. Therefore, the training becomes more valuable for teachers working with these latter students. Also, some individuals are more comfortable learning new material from manuals than others. Some people prefer to have more direct demonstration. We are happy to provide training, but we have met many people, teachers and parents alike, who used Stevenson very effectively and happily without ever taking a workshop.

The Stevenson Program begins by teaching long vowels because the author of the program, Nancy Stevenson, found over her many years of teaching that long vowels seemed easier for her students to discriminate, isolate, retrieve and blend. We have a three and a half page free information piece which describes this issue in more detail. You can e-mail or call us and request “Thoughts on Long Vowels, Short Vowels and the Stevenson Program.”

Do you always have to use the program from the beginning?

It is highly recommended that you do not skip any lesson in its entirety, however, you may assign fewer workbook pages or omit some reading pages if you feel they are unnecessary for the student.

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