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Fun with Layer Cake Words

A New Twist on an Old Favorite

We all know the game Twister.  A friend of ours in Dayton, OH recently created a version of the game for her Stevenson students using a couple of cheap shower curtains and a giant drawing of a layer cake.  You can see a picture of it on our website under the heading “Teaching Resources” (or click here).  You can also see this and other wonderful classroom activities on our Facebook share page (click here).

The core of the Stevenson Program is in the manuals, reading books and workbooks, but there are many ways to embody the essential mnemonic clues and basic strategies.  The program lends itself to experiential, hands-on learning in a way that few phonics-based reading methods do.  For students who have struggling to learn to read, having fun while learning to tackle the confusing English Language can be a vital factor in achieving success.  The activities you find on Nancy Ziehme’s Quesst Consulting website and on the Facebook Share Page are important enhancements to the Stevenson Program.  They are more than cute gimmicks.  They improve learning. 


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