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It's a Good Time to Start - Really

Starting Stevenson in the Spring

Even now, with testing season underway and the end of the year around the corner, there is still time to start Stevenson in your classrooms. You will be surprised.

At this point in the school year, you are keenly aware of your struggling learners and their issues. If you can find 30 minutes in your day to work with these students, simply open the manual, tell them you are learning something new, and they have been chosen to help you. Follow the manual, read the parts to the students as directed and watch their responses. Don't over-think it or worry about lesson planning, just give it a try! We are here to help answer any questions you might have – 800-343-1211 or info@stevensonlearning.com.

Within a few weeks you will feel a difference in how your students respond.  Even if assessments do not show progress in such a short time, that feeling you will notice in your students is the beginning of important growth.  For some students, that feeling of really grasping reading material will give them hope that they have lost.