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Welcome to The "oa" Friends in Action

To The Teacher

This activity provides students with interactive instruction and practice on the first vowel pattern in the Stevenson Language Skills Program (Integral 6.) We recommend that teachers review the activity before assigning it. You will need to have Adobe Flash Player 8 (commonly available free software) or higher to run this program. It may take a few minutes to download.

This activity contains four full sections and a fifth option.

  • Section 1 introduces the oa friends and demonstrates how they combine with other letters to make words.
  • Section 2 provides several reading activities, which, when completed correctly, produce a visual reward.
  • Section 3 provides a spelling activity which, when completed correctly, produces a visual reward.
  • Section 4 first explains and then presents a two-minute reading game, primarily designed to develop the visual discrimination of the oa pattern. A continuous game score is provided with multiple interim visual rewards.

Game Only allows students to go immediately to the game without waiting to hear the instructions. Many students will want to play the game more than once, and playing this game will strengthen their ability to recognize the vowel pattern with accuracy and automaticity.

We suggest students go through Sections 1 through 4 in sequence, although they do not have to do so at one sitting. The activity begins with a main menu that allows you to select a section. At the end of each section you can also proceed directly to the next one. During the activity, you will find a "Reset" button on the lower left of the "frame." This button will return you to the main menu.

PLEASE NOTE that the cursor is not always displayed on the screen so that students cannot click on items at inappropriate tim