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Beginning Green Teacher's Manual

This book contains 36 lessons that cover 102 integrals (language units). Skills include Reading, Spelling, Vocabulary Building, Phonemic Awareness, Comprehension, Printing, Keyboarding and Grammar. Numerous reproducible appendices provide valuable tools. The new Beginning Green Level, like the old one, uses the unique Stevenson mnemonic clues to teach two major long vowel constructions - the CVVC peanut butter and jelly words and the CVCV layer cake words. It also covers many variations on these structures and other key words. Unlike the old Beginning Level, the new manual is cross-referenced to the Lonely Vowels books to facilitate the introduction of short vowel words at the Beginning Level. The new manual is also cross-referenced to all the other Beginning level materials, like the teaching cards, reading books, workbooks, mastery tests and more. Each lesson provides several teaching activities in separate parts and finishes with sections like Hints on Timing, Modifications and Commentaries. This manual includes greater detail on addressing specific learning problems than the old Beginning book. The new Beginning Green manual has a format that is very similar to the Basic Blue.

Item Code: BEG 101


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