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Our Newsletter: "Food for Thought"

Our Newsletter: "Food for Thought"

Food for Thought is the newsletter that Stevenson Learning Skills publishes twice a year. Below you will find the major articles from some of our recent issues. Click on any article to view it. There are a few small items from the newsletters that we do not include here on the web site. Click Links below for information or mail coupon, call, fax or e-mail info@stevensonlearning.com for the information.

Articles from "Food for Thought":

New Letter Clue Book Now Available

Recent Article from Fall 2009:

During this past summer we began distributing a new workbook full of activities to reinforce our special mnemonic letter clues. The connection between letter sounds and letter symbols is the foundation of phonics and decoding. Stevenson’s Letter Clue Workbook will help you solidify this foundation.

Food For Thought is Going Electronic

Recent Article from Fall 2009:

This is the last issue of Food For Thought that is going to be sent bulk mail to many thousands of people. In the future we are sending the vast majority of the copies by e-mail. This method will not only speed things up, it will save paper and reduce waste.

A Suggestion for Helping Teachers Help Students

Recent Article from Fall 2009:

In 1983 the National Commission on Excellence in Education declared America a “Nation At Risk.” We still are. The country has had almost a decade of “No Child Left Behind”, but a large segment of our school population is still being left behind. Now we have the “Race to the Top,” but too many kids at the bottom have not left the starting line.

PAL Materials Add Special Touch

Recent Article from Fall 2009:

The Stevenson Program is much more imaginative than your standard phonics instruction, but our lessons still need to center on reading text, spelling words and learning vocabulary. Although some games and activities are suggested in our manuals, PAL (Partners in Associational Learning) provides even more activities with a hands-on emphasis. If you are not familiar with their products, visit www.quesstconsulting.com, and click on “PAL” under the banner. While you are there, check out all the other great resources that our senior consultant, Nancy Ziehme (pronounced ZEE-mee) offers. Consider hiring Nancy as well. She presents wonderful workshops.

The oa Friends Are Now Online

Recent Article from Spring 2009:

Free Interactive Practice and Instruction Added to www.StevensonLearning.com

In this time of shrinking asset values, a valuable new asset has been added to our web site. And it’s free!

All of you who have used the Stevenson Language Skills Program know the story of the oa friends, and any of you interested in trying Stevenson will soon learn about it. The oa friends are the first vowel pattern that Stevenson students learn, and the way they master this pattern embodies many of the important teaching methods applied in Stevenson.

Look for the Money! There May Be More Than You Think.

Recent Article from Spring 2009:


Stimulus Package Includes Major Funding for Title 1 and Special Ed.

There is no doubt that our economy is in bad shape, but do not assume that educational services for struggling students will have to be cut back. Teachers, administrators and parents alike should know that the economic recovery package passed this winter will provide funds - increased, new money - to certain key programs. 

No Child Left Behind? Questions Remain.

Recent Article from Spring 2009:

Will NCLB continue? Will policies change? Or just the name?

No public educational initiative of the last generation has had more impact than No Child Left Behind. Many may question the value of this impact, but few will question the extent of it. Although the law was originally intended to serve several purposes, the one purpose that has stood out has been to increase accountability for educational performance.