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Our Newsletter: "Food for Thought"

Our Newsletter: "Food for Thought"

Food for Thought is the newsletter that Stevenson Learning Skills publishes twice a year. Below you will find the major articles from some of our recent issues. Click on any article to view it. There are a few small items from the newsletters that we do not include here on the web site. Click Links below for information or mail coupon, call, fax or e-mail info@stevensonlearning.com for the information.

Articles from "Food for Thought":

Humor From a Small Child

Recent Article from Spring 2010 - Installment 2:

A very active, five year old girl was often told by her parents that she was "full of beans." One night her father told her it was time to go to bed, and she replied without hesitation, "But, Daddy, I still have some beans left."

Turnaround Money Flowing to States

Recent Article from Spring 2010 - Installment 2:

Some of you may have a special opportunity

An historically large amount of money has begun to flow to state Departments of Education for a very specific purpose: to turn around failing schools. If your school does not rank in the bottom five per cent in your state, you may not be interested, but if your school does, it may have a rare opportunity.

Humor Fom a Large Child

Recent Article from Spring 2010 - Installment 2:

A linguistics professor was lecturing his class:

"In English a double negative forms a positive. In some languages, though, such as Russian, a double negative is still a negative. However, there is no language in which a double positive can form a negative."

A voice from the back of the room replied, "Yeah. Right."

Assessing the Situation - Again

Recent Article from Spring 2010 - Installment 1:

Hints about Assessing Student Progress in the Stevenson Program

If you Google the phrase “reading assessment,” you receive more than 43 million results. “Reading Test” produces about 105 million. (In contrast, “math assessment” yields about 12 million.) Unless you have been teaching in the jungles of New Guinea for the last five years, you know that assessing reading ability is almost an obsession among educational policy-makers today. Therefore, teachers are now asked to perform reading assessments almost continuously.

A Happy Story

Recent Article from Spring 2010 - Installment 1:

We recently visited an excellent special education teacher we know in a Las Vegas elementary school, and heard a wonderful story. This teacher is experienced with the Stevenson Program, and unusually skilled at working with students who have serious learning issues. She told us about one of the students in her fourth/fifth grade class, whom we will call “Joey.” “Joey” came to her in fourth grade essentially unable to read. He is identified as being severely learning disabled, with significant language processing problems and other difficulties.

Pasco County Florida - More Than Sunshine

Recent Article from Spring 2010 - Installment 1:

The sun isn't the only thing that shines in Pasco County. Bill Stevenson recently visited several schools in the county and met some excellent teachers and wonderful students. The county is making a serious commitment to using the Stevenson Program to help its struggling readers, and although the process is still in the early stages, it is clear that some teachers have made significant progress. Perhaps even more impressive, however, is the way in which certain key administrators have worked so hard to harmonize the implementation of Stevenson with other key elements of the curriculum. It will be fun to watch the process unfold.

Readbability Levels and Other Numbers

Recent Article from Spring 2010 - Installment 1:

When you are trying to evaluate students, numbers help. You need some objective ways to measure progress. You can’t run a class-room, a school or a school system on feelings and opinions. But numbers can also be misleading. Here are a couple of examples:

Readability Measures

If you go to Intervention Central and type a passage into the CBM Reading Fluency Passage Generator, it will give you several different readability measurements for the same passage.

Training, Stevenson and the Stimulus Package

Recent Article from Fall 2009:

Believe it or not, the stimulus money is real. The first round of funding last spring took longer to distribute than the Federal Government had hoped (surprise!), and few teachers and administrators saw any obvious benefit from it. Some schools systems were in such bad financial shape that they used the funds to cover operational deficits.

Starting Stevenson? Don’t Forget the oa Friends Online

Recent Article from Fall 2009:

You are starting a new school year, and many of you will be starting new students in the Stevenson Program. Some of you will be using the program for the first time. Do not forget to make use of the free animated online student activity on our web site. It is called “The oa Friends in Action,” and you can access it from the bottom center of the home page at www.StevensonLearning.com. Students in the Beginning Green Level can use Section 1 of the online activity after completing Lesson One.

Using the Intermediate Level? Check Out the Web Site

Recent Article from Fall 2009:

We have started to revise the third level of the Stevenson Language Skills Program, a process that will take several years. In the meantime, we are posting some of the new ideas and materials on our web site for free. The third level includes both the Intermediate Part One Teacher’s Manual, Student Book and Workbook as well as Frostings Doilies and More Teacher’s Manual and Student Book. The information on the web site includes suggestions for using the books now in print along with some new lesson directives and new practice reading.


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