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Our Newsletter: "Food for Thought"

Our Newsletter: "Food for Thought"

Food for Thought is the newsletter that Stevenson Learning Skills publishes twice a year. Below you will find the major articles from some of our recent issues. Click on any article to view it. There are a few small items from the newsletters that we do not include here on the web site. Click Links below for information or mail coupon, call, fax or e-mail info@stevensonlearning.com for the information.

Articles from "Food for Thought":

Holiday Cheers

Oct. - Nov. - Dec

We recently received the following e-mail from Kim Bell, a customer:

"My son is doing VERY well on your system. He giggles when he reads now.  This hasn't
happened for a very long time. Even long pieces of SLS reading do not intimidate him."

We regularly receive compliments from our customers, and we try to let each person know how much we appreciate the kind words.  As most teachers realize, this "business" is more about emotional rewards than financial compensation.  The holidays seemed like good time to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has supported us.  Peace, love and perseverance to all of you who are trying hard to help your students.        

About Sandy

Oct. - Nov. - Dec. 2012

The whole country saw the terrible pictures of the damage that superstorm Sandy did.  We personally spoke to several of our contacts and customers who witnessed great devastation and suffered difficult losses.  Stevenson Learning Skills cannot do a great deal to help, except to keep those people in our thoughts and donate to the Red Cross.  However, we can offer to replace any Stevenson materials that you or your school may have lost in the storm.  If that happened to you, let us know (800-343-1211 or info@stevensonlearning.com).  Also, we encourage everyone around country to support the Red Cross for their work during this disaster as well as for all the emergency assistance they provide.                

First Lesson of New Multisyllable Book

Oct. - Nov. - Dec. 2012

We have started to create a new component to the Stevenson Language Skills Program that is focused on certain kinds of multisyllable words.  These books will serve multiple purposes, and therefore they will be titled The Multipurpose Multisyllable Teacher's Manual and Student Book.  We have finished a draft of Lesson One of the manual, the first five pages of the student book, and a piece that explains how the materials can be used in the program.  These three items have been turned into PDF files and posted on our website under "Teaching Resources."  We highly recommend taking a look at them.  Some of you might find Lesson One itself useful, but more importantly,

Thank You

September, 2012

We greatly appreciate the responses we received from our friends and customers last spring about finding better ways to communicate.  There was a very strong response favoring a brief monthly update as the best means for us to keep in touch.  Since we already have been sending out our Food For Thought newsletter 2 or 3 times a year, we decided to simply shorten the articles and increase the frequency.  We also decided to send out a simple link to Food For Thought rather than send out the whole newsletter.  Now Food For Thought actually resides on our website, so you can refer to it anytime you like without having to worry about saving the issues we e-mail.  We will simply e-mail you when the latest issue is posted.  We hope this works well, and we are always open to suggestions for improvements.      

More Stevenson-Specific Assessment Tools for Beginning Green Level

September, 2012

We recently posted a large group DIBELS-like assessments that use Stevenson stories.  They were created through the Intervention Central Website.  We are grateful to Sally Kovar from the NW Ohio Educational Service Center for producing these tools from Intervention Central and then turning them into pdf files to share with all of us.  We have mentioned Intervention Central in previous newsletters, and if you are not currently familiar with that site you can check it out at http://www.interventioncentral.org/.  To check out the Stevenson assessments, scroll through our Teaching Resources section.

Our New Favorite Saying

September, 2012

A good friend of ours and an excellent practitioner of the Stevenson Program, Cheryl Davila, created the following statement for the close of her e-mails:  "If a child cannot learn in the way we teach, we must teach in a way the child can learn."  This thought is so right for teachers who work with struggling students!  We credit Cheryl, and, with her permission, we are going to start using these words frequently in our literature.  

Solutions to Tough Reading Problems

September, 2012

Although many teachers use the Stevenson Reading Program simply because it is an effective and enjoyable way for beginning students to learn, many others have come to the program because their students simply could not learn to read by other methods.  We are happy to take on students with tough problems, and the Stevenson teacher’s manuals carefully outline strategies to tackle specific issues.  However, any manual would have to be 10,000 pages long to cover every issue that may arise.

Welcome Back!

September, 2012

Whether you are already using the Stevenson Program or just learning about it, this issue of Food for Thought should help you start the new school year on a positive note.  With the help of feedback from our friends last spring, we are taking a new approach to our newsletter, and we are confident that it will help us serve you better.

A Little Help From Our Friends

Spring 2012

Help us help you. We need feedback about Facebook and similar tools.

In the movie “Jerry McGuire”, Tom Cruise pleads with Cuba Gooding, “Help me help you,” repeating the phrase in virtual desperation. We at Stevenson Learning Skills are not desperate, but we can certainly use your help. And, with your help, we should be able to help you more effectively.

The internet has brought us many useful tools, and continues to add more. The social network grows and changes. Everyone has heard of Facebook and Twitter. Pinterest is moving up fast. Many professionals depend on LinkedIn, and millions of people look for Groupon deals. We need to know which of these - or other - tools we should use to reach you.
Materials to share - for free

Stevenson Learning Skills Now Has a Facebook Page

Recent Article from Spring 2010 - Installment 3:

Check in over the summer

We have recently set up a page on Facebook to make it easier to share information with our friends and customers. If you use Facebook now and want to view our page, type in "Stevenson Learning Skills," "stevensonlearning" or any similar combination on the Facebook search bar. If you are not a Facebook member, you can still view the page by simply typing "facebook.com/stevensonlearning" from your browser.


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